Monday, December 22, 2008

technical difficulties

well, since blogspot is being DUMB, I'll have to finish this post later. for some reason, it won't let me post. what I wrote earlier.

It's back.

Whew... it's been a long time. A LONG time. But I'm done with school and very satisfied. But, let's not talk about school right now, or ever again.

Ok, seeing that I missed the rest of the year, I will be doing a quick run-down on the happenings of all of these shows. With the new year, some shows will be getting a new start, and others will be continuing on with their original storylines after all of the holiday specials have come and gone.

Chuck: We've met Mr. and Mrs. Awesome, Sarah's dad, Casey's former mentor, Chuck's backstabbing Fulcrum agent Ex-GF Jill, and yes, even Corey Matthews! Not to mention BUSTER BLUTH as a regular cast member. Which is fan-flippin'-tastic.

We've basically learned that Chuck is coming into his own as a spy, being much more confident and diplomatic in his approach to the job. Sarah is totally over her head with Chuck, and she's just recently turned into a bit of a murderer (!!!). And Casey does indeed have a soft spot...he just doesn't show it much. The season has been excellent so far, and will most likely continue. Chuck really is one of the best shows on TV right now, so KEEP WATCHING!