Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chuck Versus the First Date: Episode 1

Sorry for the late blog, I'm a little behind. I even missed Heroes last night! :-o Sad day. That blog will come sometime tomorrow. Anyways, ONWARD.

I don't know about you guys, but I missed Chuck. I was a little worried after the writers strike that this show would be one of the casualties. But, lucky for us we get a whole new season of the Buy More and the ever-so-serious Agent Casey.

Now, last season ended with the creation of a new Intersect supercomputer, and Casey was instructed to "eliminate" Chuck. OH NOES! Also, we can't forget about the very elusive and mysterious Bryce Larkin (Yes, his name is awesome. I just want you all to know that his coolness is absolutely based on my life. It's a fact.... Dangit, gotta get over to wikipedia...). Bryce had gone into deep cover with the evil organization "Fulcrum" to try to dissolve it from the inside. That's going to come up later.

SO the season begins with poor Chuck dangling from a building with that dude that barfed flies from The Green Mile. Not a good place to be. He's got a keycard for the new Intersect, and fly-barfer wants it. Luckily, guess who shows up to save the day? SARAH AND CASEY! With the keycard in safe keeping, Chuck is informed that he's being let go, and Sarah tells him he's awesome and can do whatever he wants. But we like him at the Buy More... And little does he know that Casey (while not happy about it), is all set to take him out, cajun style. (ok, not really).

Ellie and Awesome couldn't be happier, but Morgan is shocked and disappointed because Chuck turns down the assistant manager position down. WHERE ARE YOU GOING CHUCK? YOU. CAN'T. LEAVE. We also discover that the Weinerlicious has had a bit of an upgrade, it's now a futuristic orange smoothy joint. I, as well as Chuck, voiced my opinion that I missed the "Bavarian charm" of the older place. Yes, I talk to my TV. I do have a life. Dangit. But hey, he finally gets a REAL DATE from Sarah, and she DOESN'T BRING HER GUN. This can't end well. Sarah should just attach her gun to her hand permanantly.

Things get broken up as they are surrounded at the restaurant, and the keycard is stolen. So much for freedom/death for Chuck... Unless they can get it back. And--to make a long story short, Morgan saves Chuck by talking over the speaker phone about Call of Duty, and Chuck recovers the keycard. I can't give away everything...

Chuck is going to be free/dead indeed. But wait! The keycard is really a virus from Fulcrum, and it blows up the new intersect! Which therefore means Chuck is not free, but that's good because now Casey doesn't have to kill him! Yay! Not that he would have anyway. We all know that Casey is just a big softie.

So we're off to new adventures with Chuck! And things are only going to get better! We've got guest stars galore coming, from Nicole Richie to BUSTER BLUTH (!!!!) to Cory Matthews... It's gonna be great! What did you think of the premier?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Knight Rider: Episode 1

Ok, people, sorry for the delay on this one. Out of all of my shows, this one is the lowest priority. I have to admit it, sadly I'm not familiar with the original Knight Rider, so I can't compare this new version with it. All I can say is that the older one with the Hoff is probably much, much better.

The scene opens with this guy (on the left) at a party looking for a "package." Meanwhile there's a girl in a storage room somewhere with a bunch of computers. Wow, high tech, eh? And of course, they're both talking to KITT, they're overly tricked-out Ford mustang that sometimes turns into a truck/"attack mode" vehicle. Seriously, straight out of the Transformers.

There's some shooting and a chase scene where a missile is fired at the car, which of course doesn't blow up, but just stays on fire. And for some reason, they can't put the fire out because it could kill them do to heat unbalance or something cheesy like that. So what does the beloved Mike Trace and his chica do? Strip down, lol. Because it's getting so hot. This is killing me. Seriously.

Things continue with relationship drama and a faked death, and OMG there's a traitor in the administration! OH NOES. And Mike Trace changes his name to Michael Knight. Wow, that's a big change there dude.

This show has a nasty habit of stealing it's plot from every other show ever.
-Apparently the car can sense a rise in hormone levels in Mike, and other evidence of sexual arousal (WHAT?) whenever the girl gets in the car with him. *YOINK* thanks AGAIN Transformers the movie!

-Mike Trace fought in Iraq and can't remember his past, but he still knows how to do all of these skills. Why hello Jason Bourne, *YOINK*, thanks for the plotline!

-Next we hear that he was formerly engaged this chica he's running around with, but can't remember that either. *YOINK* Thanks Sydney Bristow and the Alias writers!

In general, I just thought this show was kind of lame. If you want to watch a goofy spy show on NBC, stick to Chuck (which premiers TONIGHT! YAY!). Chuck is much funnier and in general, the acting and storylines are better and more original.

Any Knight Rider fans out there? What do you think of the new show?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

SNL: Anna Faris

Tonight, Saturday night live was hosted by the absolutely fantastic Anna Faris. She doesn't always pick the best movies to be in, because she's very, very funny. My favorite performance of hers has to be The Hot Chick with Rob Schneider; it's a hilarious movie.

While I have been encouraged so far with the humor on SNL, I feel that they're underusing their hosts. The first episode with Michael Phelps was understandable--he's not an actor. A couple of the newer members have been taking on roles...and they just aren't that funny. There were a couple of sketches tonight that Anna would have portrayed better.

I unfortunately missed the beginning, so I have no thoughts on that. I jumped in on yet another painful CNN debate/political satire between John McCain and Barack Obama. Snores. You can only do the same gimmicks so many times. Move on please.

Keenan Thompson got quite a lot of screentime for this episode. I can't help thinking of D2: Mighty Ducks and his "knucklepuck" shot. Wow, those were the days. Tonight, he played a stained wedding dress salesman and a hitman/soft-hearted/Monday Night Football fan date for Anna Faris out on a boat. Yeah, he just memorized her facebook profile. Oh the changes that social networking has made to American Society...

But the most important part of the episode is the return of the recurring Deep House Dish sketch starring Keenan and Andy Samberg as the ever so trendy, techno-loving DJ Dynasty Handbag and his verbose buddy T-Shane. Unfortunately for T-shane, he discovered the hard way that smart cars don't have a back seat and was left with a lop-sided mowhawk. They moved right from that into Kristin Wig as some girl with an album called "Turn your stink out." This one wasn't so fantastic...they've had much better. Example:
deep house dish

Duffy was the musical guest, and she's just not my style. She has a very unique and interesting voice, which probably explains the success of her single, "Mercy." If you ask me, she over-did it a bit with the buttons. BUTTONS EVERYWHERE. And lots of snapping. Ok, next segment please!

Not much from Weekend Update, basically more political garbage. There were a couple of bright spots though:
1) A man in WV charged with assault for farting on an officer. WHAT?
2) PETA wants breast-milk icecream to save cows. Oh. My. Word. Yes, a collective eww is correct.

3) Kristin Wiig as the overly-nervous Judy Grimes: Travel writer. I wish I had counted how many times she said "just kidding" in this--it was amazing.

In closing, I don't know how I feel about the season yet. They've had some great hosts, and have some good ones coming up (Next week, Anne Hathaway). Kristin Wiig is BY FAR the strongest cast member, and I just hope they can get her enough good material. She carries the show. This is from last season with Christopher Walken:

AND, here's the real clincher. The Judy Grimes sketch:

Well, it's Anne Hathaway next week, with musical guest the Killers! sounds promising...

The Office: Weight Loss (Ep 1)

The Office returns! And when I say returns, I mean it's coming back from Season 3. Let's just pretend that most of season 4 never happened. We are, unfortunately, forced to deal with a few season 4 issues such as Angela's engagement to Andy Bernard, Kelly's dysfunctional relationship with Deryl, and Ryan's pathetic rise and fall in the corporate world.

Jim and Pam are still a quite happy couple, and Pam is about to leave for the 2-1-2 (NYC). She's enrolled in a design program for a few months. Jim is going to be so lost without her, right? Uh, yeah, lol.

As all of this is going on, Dunder Mifflin has created a "biggest loser" type competition for each branch, where the winning branch will receive an extra 5 days of vacation time. This is really just a sidestory, but it does provide laughs from the insanely vain Kelly Kapoor, Michael in a sumo-suit UNDER his business suit, and Dwight/Phyllis weight gags.

The best part of the premier for me was surprisingly NOT the Jim/Pam engagement (OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! You all think I'm crazy, lol.) But for me, it was the addition of Holly as a regular character. I really hope she sticks around, because she is hilarious. She's sooo much better than Toby, who just had to ruin the end by showing up. WAH WAH.

I thought we said goodbye to Toby. Geez...

The best quotes that stood out:
- Kelly: All I can eat is maple syrup, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and water. I'm going to look amazing... (she looks HORRIBLE, by the way. Like a creature from a horror movie.)
-Kelly: I swallowed a tapeworm last night. Creed gave it to me.
Creed: That wasn't a tapeworm
-Holly: Who is that woman in Michaels office--with the feet?
-Kevin: Pam, you weigh 226 pounds?
-Michael: I say, I say I'm gonna sit on you!

I have to admit, as much as I love Dwangela, I feel bad for Andy. I'm kind of wondering how this whole thing is going to go down.

What did you think of the Hour-long season premier? Who can tell me what was up with Meredith's face? What are the chances of another Office wedding this season? Post your thoughts!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Survivor: Gabon- Want to see the elephant dung? (Ep 1&2)

YES! It's back! The starving, the stinking, the backstabbing...it's all back for a whopping SEVENTEENTH season. I know--I'm crazy. Last night viewers were treated to a 2-hour premier that was basically 2 separate episodes combined together.

The highlights:
- The complete disaster that is the Fang tribe (Jeff sounds like he's saying "thong" when he says it). The first tribal council when they were all arguing and going at it? Classic. Even the Jeff didn't know what to say.
- The complete over-usage of the words "elephant dung."
-Charlie's infatuation with Marcus. He's totally blinded, and I think Marcus is smart enough to know that he's got Charlie in his back pocket.
- Paloma's commentary on the Kota tribe doing yoga in the middle of the jungle in their skivvies.
- Michelle's departure. WOWzers she was terrible.

Cast Thoughts--Who is doing well:
1. Marcus: He knows exactly how this game is played. He's got an alliance of 4 set, and his closest ally is 100% dedicated to him and will do whatever he says. Plus, he's the Captain America of the season and reminds me SO much of Colby from season 2 in Australia.
2. Randy: He's a voice of reason over on the Fang tribe, but keeping his mouth shut. He's surprising me, to be honest.
3. Bob: This dude hasn't really entered the "game-play" yet, but he's a natural. He's good at what he does (the building, organizing, etc) and he's obviously doing very well with the younger crowd he's with. Major props to the old fella.
4. Corinne: This chica has got some game. She's smart, cut-throat, and socially capable. I'm predicting very very late game for her.

Who is in trouble:
1. Danny aka GC: He was appointed the leader, and then backed out because he couldn't handle the pressure. If there's one skill essential in this game, it's the ability to be flexible, roll with what is given to you, and OWN YOUR GAME. At this point, GC has done none of the three. Plus his clothes are WAY too big. We're talking shirt AND pants down at his knees and it's only a week in.
2. Ace: The dude is arrogant and has a big mouth. I think he'll survive a while just based on the fact that he's on a solid tribe that doesn't look like they are ever going to lose.
3. Susie: She is the last of the older women, and not athletic. If Fang loses another challenge, they're going to blame her lack of athleticism.
4. Paloma: She's complained quite a bit about the people in her tribe, and she's already sitting out on challenges. People know she's weak, and that's not good.
5. Dan: His paranoid tribe thinks that he has the idol. Unfortunately for Dan, he's an extremely honest guy who wears all emotions on his sleeve. I don't think he has a lying bone in his body. That's not going to take you far in the game.
6. Ken: Aligning yourself with the first boot isn't a great idea, and he's the weakest guy out there by far. He's going to have to step it up if he wants to stick around.

The rest:
1. Jessica aka Sugar: Seems to be cozying up to Ace, which isn't a great move if your tribe doesn't like him. But in general, she hasn't done anything positive or negative yet.
2. Kelly: Who? All we know about her is that she sells clothes at a high-end retail store in Chicago. Yippee... ?
3. Matty: not much to report. He is scared of the animals. Heck, I would be too if I had elephants walking by my head when I was trying to sleep.
4. Charlie: This dude needs to chill out. He's so into Marcus that he's lost sight of the game. He's aligned well with Corinne, Jacuieieieie and Marcus, though, so it should keep him safe for a while. Down the line though, I think he'll be a pawn.
5. Jacqueieie: CBS can't decide how to spell her name, lol. She's got her eye on Marcus, no doubt, and she's aligned herself with Corinne as well. If they stick together, they're going far.
6. Crystal: For being a gold-medal athlete, I'm not that impressed. She's fun and spunky though, which is a change from the former track-stars that they've had on the show who usually have an attitude.

Overall a great premier! I'm excited about this season. Who were your favorites? Who do you predict to go far?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A little preshow blog...

Well, tonight we embark on the best night of the week for TV. We have the return of the Jeff in the two hour premier of Survivor: Gabon, and the ever so childish Michael Scott premiers in a one hour long episode of The Office (What is with doubling the running times? I'm not complaining! =D ). Sadly, we have to wait another month for Tina Fey and Tracy Morgan wackiness in 30 Rock.

Anyways, Survivor is my ultimate favorite show, so you can expect some very detailed blogging on this one, lol. And by the way, just a quick shout out to Emmy winner Jeff Probst for best reality host! YES.


Blogging for The Office will probably come in sometime Friday night or Saturday... I'll have to watch it online due to the dos horas of Survivor. ALSO, be on the lookout for a Knight Rider blog this weekend.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Without a Trace: Episode 1

I have to say of all the cop-related shows, this one is my favorite. It seems to have more "heart" I guess you could call it. I get the characters, I get the plot lines, and while it can sometimes end sad, it's pretty realistic in the fact that they don't always find who their looking for and save them. That said, it's usually on during a bad night of the week for me (and I was in the Philippines for half a year last season), so I'm a little lost as to some of the plot.

Apparently Sam got preggers and had a baby last season. Who woulda thunk. Who's the daddy? And shocker of all shockers, Jack Malone is in trouble for being a little too relaxed on the rules. So they're bringing in Steven Weber to be the new boss, and to add some conflict as Jack tries to deal with his demotion. As it turns out, Jack is also in therapy, but he doesn't believe in it.

ANYWAYS the season premier covered the story of a man who was reported to be missing by his ex-wife. Three years earlier, the two of them had lost their daughter in a kidnapping, and he couldn't get over it. Turns out he was involved in a support group for people with missing children, and was attempting to help another couple get over the disappearance of their son. Lots of interviewing ensues, and they discover that the daughter is alive and has been living with a former substitute teacher for the last three years (I honestly don't get how that kind of thing happens... She didn't say anything or call home? I don't get it...but these things actually do happen.)

Anyways, it was kind of an underwhelming premier. It wasn't that exciting of a story, but it ended well so I guess that's something. I DO have one beef with this show, though. They often seem to pursue finding people who have not been kidnapped or anything. I mean, of course they don't know that right away, but once they figure out that the person is running away/looking for someone, why keep spending time on them?

That was the case in this episode. The man was on a personal journey to get over the loss of his daughter and help another couple potentially find their son's body. After knowing that he was not in danger, why does the FBI insist on pursing it? I dunno, it's just odd.

What did you think of the premier? Do you like the whole Jack/Steven Weber storyline? Can anyone tell me how the heck Sam had a baby? lol.

The Mentalist: Episode 1

While I got bored during the cooking portion of The Biggest Loser, I decided to flip over to CBS and watch the premier of the Mentalist with Simon Baker and that chic from all those low-budget movies. And let me tell you this, she's going to be one of those "I'm-permanently-PMSing" characters. Yikes.

It's been a few years since The Guardian went off the air. I never watched that show and I sort of doubt I'll stick with this one. There is something about Simon Baker that I don't like. In the words of his own character on the show, "He irks me. He's irksome."

The general plot seems to follow the CSI/Law and Order investigative format, but this one is different because Baker can "notice things." OOOOOOH... lol. So pretty much what I can tell is that it's CSI without the science, which in my opinion sucks out all of the interesting attributes of a who-dun-it show.

Apparently Patrick Jane (that's his character's name) formerly made a living as a fake psychic, using his acute observation skills to lie to people and make money, all while working along side the cops to help solve cases. He does this until he mentions a serial killer on a TV show, who doesn't like this and murders his wife and child. So he quits his dishonest life and just sticks with the cops, helping them solve cases about murdered pro-golfers and disappearing teen girls.

Baker's character is kind of takes a cavalier approach to his job, mouthing off to suspects and his superiors, and doing whatever he wants. Meh, so he's Horatio Kane, Jack Malone... you know, the star of every other CBS cop show. This is why I think it has potential to last for a little while, but I don't think it has the foundation to be a CSI or Without a Trace.

What do you think of this show? Is it something you'll watch on a weekly basis?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Biggest Loser: Families -- Episode 2

Well I wasn't blogging last week, but I have been watching. This is a recent pick-up for me... and I'm still not too sure how I feel about it. I find myself asking the question "How many people are sitting on their couches right now eating potato chips and getting fat while they're watching this?" For a lazy bum like me, it's like thinking "wow, those people are working out enough for all of us. I feel like I've worked out just watching them." And I'm satisfied. Man... that 44oz slurpee and that whole bag of popcorn that I consumed while watching this show... I'm well on my way to being the biggest gainer/winner! A WINNER! lol...

A quick review of the activities:
1) lots of treadmills and weight lifting. Borefest if you ask me. I don't really like listening to that sort of freakish woman Jillian yelling at everyone. And the dude (Bill?) decided he didn't approve of the decor so he ripped up the yellow tape in the middle of the gym. SUCH DRAMA!

2) Coleen and her dad (yellow) made a wager to earn $10,000 that they could lose 14 lbs between the 2 of them, a 2.4% loss. Now, according to EVERY CAST MEMBER on the show (and their mothers, brothers, cousins, and in-laws), week 2 is historically bad. We'll see how that goes. If they fail that goal, they're automatically below the yellow line.

3) Slip-n-slides! Oh wait...they have to run BACK UP the hill. And the team that lasts the longest gets to call home. The orange team wins and Heba (what?) gets to call her dad. It was so nice of her husband to give up his ten minutes of talking to his dog (again...WHAT?) so that she could have 20 minutes with her pops. They also got to give away a phone call as the winners of the challenge, and they gave it to the red team with the autistic child. Good choice.

This challenge really sucked for Coleen and Tom Jr, who had to participate for their fathers because of health reasons. How are these teams expected to last?

4) Cooking with Rocco DiSpirito. Snoresville. I watched the Mentalist instead during this segment... BUT, the purplies from Michigan won free groceries for a year (or the equivalent of $8,500). Not bad.

5) Weigh-ins: History proves correct, the weight losses are low. Tom Jr. actually GAINED three pounds! That can't be good. Shocker of all shockers, yellow failed their goal by 3 lbs, so it's yellow vs. gray at the end.

6) Elimination: Gray goes home. Most teams looked at these two men as a threat, regardless of the fact that Tom Jr. actually put on 3 lbs. He put it well in his closing statement: "How would you feel if you went on a make-over show and they made you look ugly?" He was not a happy camper.

I find myself rooting for the brown team with the overweight daughter who seems to know exactly why they are there. They understand that they need to set a better example for their children. I'm pulling for the red and yellow team as well. If Heba (I still can't get it...) cries in front of the camera anymore, she's going to make me crazy. And the 2 hour episodes need to stop. There are FAR too many commercial breaks...or I should just get TiVo, lol.

What do you think of this show? Who are you pulling for? Did they choose the right team to go home?

Look for blogs on "The Mentalist" with Simon Baker and "Without a Trace" tomorrow.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Heroes: Villains -- Episode 1&2

Gosh this show...I love it, but it makes me SO MAD. >:o(


1. Why does no one ever ACTUALLY die on this show? Nathan has survived twice, Syler is still alive, Horn-Rims got shot but Claire's blood brought him back, Niki (aka tracy) is still alive, LINDERMAN?!!?! is still alive...sort of? Adam is trapped alive underground, but showed up in Angela's dream... Seriously, why do I even get nervous? They all come back...

2. I am NOT digging the new mohinder. Maybe he'll kill maya during one of their random make-out sessions (what in the world?). Maya is the biggest waste of a character. I actually want her to die on the show. And Mohinder...oh Mohinder. Why?

3. FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!!!! Peter always ruins everything. But as long as that Irish hag Kaitlyn is out of the picture for good, I can live with it.

4. Triki (I'm calling Niki/Tracy "Triki"...it seems fitting enough for her) has a cool new actual power (as opposed to just being really angry and having a split personality). the freezing thing is actually kind of cool (pun! ugh...). I dunno, I've always felt she was kind of a waste of a character when it came to powers, so she seems a little bit more legit now.

5. Where is Micah and his over-dramatic cousin? Not that I miss her. Ugh.

6. Claire's real mom freaks. me. out. Seriously, like what was that? No hello? No, I'll just show you my fiery hands and stare at you the creepiest way possible. Bizarre.

7. The whole hiro thing with speedette. You sent ANDO to get the formula? dumb. As usual. Doing dumb stuff.

8. I'm not sad to be rid of Fat Horn-Rimmed Glasses. And I must say that I'm glad that Veronica Mars is still alive.

9. ANGELA PETRELLI IS SYLAR'S REAL MOM? WHAT?!!!?! *falls off couch from shock.* Aw, it looks like Peter and Nathan don't have just a long-lost daughter/niece, but an EVIL BROTHER. This show is more like a soap opera ever day. Or Alias. Secret family members popping up everywhere...

And the all-important #10:

10. We finally discover that indeed Sylar does NOT eat people's brains. I thought he did. :-O

See what I mean? I get sooo mad because all the people are soo stupid. It's no wonder the world is always in danger. lol...

What did you all think of the premier? Does it redeem the disaster that was season 2? What are your thoughts on the characters and their new storylines? I admit, I'm super excited! Feel free to comment and leave your thoughts!

New Season, New Blog

Well, it is time for a new season of television to begin, and with it I will be blogging all of my favorite shows. There are a lot of them. You as a reader can expect to see good quotes, commentaries, and summaries on the following:

Mondays: Chuck, Heroes
Tuesdays: The Biggest Loser: Families (possibly), Without a Trace (occasionally)
Wednesdays: Knight Rider (possibly)
Thursdays: Survivor: Gabon, The Office, 30 Rock
Fridays: Day off please? kthx. There's like nothing on.
Saturdays: Big Ten Football, Saturday Night Live
Sundays: The Amazing Race 13

Unfortunately you won't be reading much about CW or ABC shows. I don't really watch those networks, and I only have so much time in a week, you know?

And so you know me before reading my commentaries--I love TV. I thoroughly enjoy all of these shows. BUT, I also thoroughly enjoy making fun of them. Especially Heroes. So I hope you enjoy my snarky comments and goofy summaries, and most of all I hope it's a fun read for you!

Please bear with the site for a bit while I get it set up. It's not really looking like I want it to yet.