Monday, September 29, 2008

Knight Rider: Episode 1

Ok, people, sorry for the delay on this one. Out of all of my shows, this one is the lowest priority. I have to admit it, sadly I'm not familiar with the original Knight Rider, so I can't compare this new version with it. All I can say is that the older one with the Hoff is probably much, much better.

The scene opens with this guy (on the left) at a party looking for a "package." Meanwhile there's a girl in a storage room somewhere with a bunch of computers. Wow, high tech, eh? And of course, they're both talking to KITT, they're overly tricked-out Ford mustang that sometimes turns into a truck/"attack mode" vehicle. Seriously, straight out of the Transformers.

There's some shooting and a chase scene where a missile is fired at the car, which of course doesn't blow up, but just stays on fire. And for some reason, they can't put the fire out because it could kill them do to heat unbalance or something cheesy like that. So what does the beloved Mike Trace and his chica do? Strip down, lol. Because it's getting so hot. This is killing me. Seriously.

Things continue with relationship drama and a faked death, and OMG there's a traitor in the administration! OH NOES. And Mike Trace changes his name to Michael Knight. Wow, that's a big change there dude.

This show has a nasty habit of stealing it's plot from every other show ever.
-Apparently the car can sense a rise in hormone levels in Mike, and other evidence of sexual arousal (WHAT?) whenever the girl gets in the car with him. *YOINK* thanks AGAIN Transformers the movie!

-Mike Trace fought in Iraq and can't remember his past, but he still knows how to do all of these skills. Why hello Jason Bourne, *YOINK*, thanks for the plotline!

-Next we hear that he was formerly engaged this chica he's running around with, but can't remember that either. *YOINK* Thanks Sydney Bristow and the Alias writers!

In general, I just thought this show was kind of lame. If you want to watch a goofy spy show on NBC, stick to Chuck (which premiers TONIGHT! YAY!). Chuck is much funnier and in general, the acting and storylines are better and more original.

Any Knight Rider fans out there? What do you think of the new show?

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