Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Office: Weight Loss (Ep 1)

The Office returns! And when I say returns, I mean it's coming back from Season 3. Let's just pretend that most of season 4 never happened. We are, unfortunately, forced to deal with a few season 4 issues such as Angela's engagement to Andy Bernard, Kelly's dysfunctional relationship with Deryl, and Ryan's pathetic rise and fall in the corporate world.

Jim and Pam are still a quite happy couple, and Pam is about to leave for the 2-1-2 (NYC). She's enrolled in a design program for a few months. Jim is going to be so lost without her, right? Uh, yeah, lol.

As all of this is going on, Dunder Mifflin has created a "biggest loser" type competition for each branch, where the winning branch will receive an extra 5 days of vacation time. This is really just a sidestory, but it does provide laughs from the insanely vain Kelly Kapoor, Michael in a sumo-suit UNDER his business suit, and Dwight/Phyllis weight gags.

The best part of the premier for me was surprisingly NOT the Jim/Pam engagement (OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! You all think I'm crazy, lol.) But for me, it was the addition of Holly as a regular character. I really hope she sticks around, because she is hilarious. She's sooo much better than Toby, who just had to ruin the end by showing up. WAH WAH.

I thought we said goodbye to Toby. Geez...

The best quotes that stood out:
- Kelly: All I can eat is maple syrup, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and water. I'm going to look amazing... (she looks HORRIBLE, by the way. Like a creature from a horror movie.)
-Kelly: I swallowed a tapeworm last night. Creed gave it to me.
Creed: That wasn't a tapeworm
-Holly: Who is that woman in Michaels office--with the feet?
-Kevin: Pam, you weigh 226 pounds?
-Michael: I say, I say I'm gonna sit on you!

I have to admit, as much as I love Dwangela, I feel bad for Andy. I'm kind of wondering how this whole thing is going to go down.

What did you think of the Hour-long season premier? Who can tell me what was up with Meredith's face? What are the chances of another Office wedding this season? Post your thoughts!

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