Friday, September 26, 2008

Survivor: Gabon- Want to see the elephant dung? (Ep 1&2)

YES! It's back! The starving, the stinking, the's all back for a whopping SEVENTEENTH season. I know--I'm crazy. Last night viewers were treated to a 2-hour premier that was basically 2 separate episodes combined together.

The highlights:
- The complete disaster that is the Fang tribe (Jeff sounds like he's saying "thong" when he says it). The first tribal council when they were all arguing and going at it? Classic. Even the Jeff didn't know what to say.
- The complete over-usage of the words "elephant dung."
-Charlie's infatuation with Marcus. He's totally blinded, and I think Marcus is smart enough to know that he's got Charlie in his back pocket.
- Paloma's commentary on the Kota tribe doing yoga in the middle of the jungle in their skivvies.
- Michelle's departure. WOWzers she was terrible.

Cast Thoughts--Who is doing well:
1. Marcus: He knows exactly how this game is played. He's got an alliance of 4 set, and his closest ally is 100% dedicated to him and will do whatever he says. Plus, he's the Captain America of the season and reminds me SO much of Colby from season 2 in Australia.
2. Randy: He's a voice of reason over on the Fang tribe, but keeping his mouth shut. He's surprising me, to be honest.
3. Bob: This dude hasn't really entered the "game-play" yet, but he's a natural. He's good at what he does (the building, organizing, etc) and he's obviously doing very well with the younger crowd he's with. Major props to the old fella.
4. Corinne: This chica has got some game. She's smart, cut-throat, and socially capable. I'm predicting very very late game for her.

Who is in trouble:
1. Danny aka GC: He was appointed the leader, and then backed out because he couldn't handle the pressure. If there's one skill essential in this game, it's the ability to be flexible, roll with what is given to you, and OWN YOUR GAME. At this point, GC has done none of the three. Plus his clothes are WAY too big. We're talking shirt AND pants down at his knees and it's only a week in.
2. Ace: The dude is arrogant and has a big mouth. I think he'll survive a while just based on the fact that he's on a solid tribe that doesn't look like they are ever going to lose.
3. Susie: She is the last of the older women, and not athletic. If Fang loses another challenge, they're going to blame her lack of athleticism.
4. Paloma: She's complained quite a bit about the people in her tribe, and she's already sitting out on challenges. People know she's weak, and that's not good.
5. Dan: His paranoid tribe thinks that he has the idol. Unfortunately for Dan, he's an extremely honest guy who wears all emotions on his sleeve. I don't think he has a lying bone in his body. That's not going to take you far in the game.
6. Ken: Aligning yourself with the first boot isn't a great idea, and he's the weakest guy out there by far. He's going to have to step it up if he wants to stick around.

The rest:
1. Jessica aka Sugar: Seems to be cozying up to Ace, which isn't a great move if your tribe doesn't like him. But in general, she hasn't done anything positive or negative yet.
2. Kelly: Who? All we know about her is that she sells clothes at a high-end retail store in Chicago. Yippee... ?
3. Matty: not much to report. He is scared of the animals. Heck, I would be too if I had elephants walking by my head when I was trying to sleep.
4. Charlie: This dude needs to chill out. He's so into Marcus that he's lost sight of the game. He's aligned well with Corinne, Jacuieieieie and Marcus, though, so it should keep him safe for a while. Down the line though, I think he'll be a pawn.
5. Jacqueieie: CBS can't decide how to spell her name, lol. She's got her eye on Marcus, no doubt, and she's aligned herself with Corinne as well. If they stick together, they're going far.
6. Crystal: For being a gold-medal athlete, I'm not that impressed. She's fun and spunky though, which is a change from the former track-stars that they've had on the show who usually have an attitude.

Overall a great premier! I'm excited about this season. Who were your favorites? Who do you predict to go far?

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