Monday, September 22, 2008

Heroes: Villains -- Episode 1&2

Gosh this show...I love it, but it makes me SO MAD. >:o(


1. Why does no one ever ACTUALLY die on this show? Nathan has survived twice, Syler is still alive, Horn-Rims got shot but Claire's blood brought him back, Niki (aka tracy) is still alive, LINDERMAN?!!?! is still alive...sort of? Adam is trapped alive underground, but showed up in Angela's dream... Seriously, why do I even get nervous? They all come back...

2. I am NOT digging the new mohinder. Maybe he'll kill maya during one of their random make-out sessions (what in the world?). Maya is the biggest waste of a character. I actually want her to die on the show. And Mohinder...oh Mohinder. Why?

3. FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!!!! Peter always ruins everything. But as long as that Irish hag Kaitlyn is out of the picture for good, I can live with it.

4. Triki (I'm calling Niki/Tracy "Triki" seems fitting enough for her) has a cool new actual power (as opposed to just being really angry and having a split personality). the freezing thing is actually kind of cool (pun! ugh...). I dunno, I've always felt she was kind of a waste of a character when it came to powers, so she seems a little bit more legit now.

5. Where is Micah and his over-dramatic cousin? Not that I miss her. Ugh.

6. Claire's real mom freaks. me. out. Seriously, like what was that? No hello? No, I'll just show you my fiery hands and stare at you the creepiest way possible. Bizarre.

7. The whole hiro thing with speedette. You sent ANDO to get the formula? dumb. As usual. Doing dumb stuff.

8. I'm not sad to be rid of Fat Horn-Rimmed Glasses. And I must say that I'm glad that Veronica Mars is still alive.

9. ANGELA PETRELLI IS SYLAR'S REAL MOM? WHAT?!!!?! *falls off couch from shock.* Aw, it looks like Peter and Nathan don't have just a long-lost daughter/niece, but an EVIL BROTHER. This show is more like a soap opera ever day. Or Alias. Secret family members popping up everywhere...

And the all-important #10:

10. We finally discover that indeed Sylar does NOT eat people's brains. I thought he did. :-O

See what I mean? I get sooo mad because all the people are soo stupid. It's no wonder the world is always in danger. lol...

What did you all think of the premier? Does it redeem the disaster that was season 2? What are your thoughts on the characters and their new storylines? I admit, I'm super excited! Feel free to comment and leave your thoughts!

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