Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Without a Trace: Episode 1

I have to say of all the cop-related shows, this one is my favorite. It seems to have more "heart" I guess you could call it. I get the characters, I get the plot lines, and while it can sometimes end sad, it's pretty realistic in the fact that they don't always find who their looking for and save them. That said, it's usually on during a bad night of the week for me (and I was in the Philippines for half a year last season), so I'm a little lost as to some of the plot.

Apparently Sam got preggers and had a baby last season. Who woulda thunk. Who's the daddy? And shocker of all shockers, Jack Malone is in trouble for being a little too relaxed on the rules. So they're bringing in Steven Weber to be the new boss, and to add some conflict as Jack tries to deal with his demotion. As it turns out, Jack is also in therapy, but he doesn't believe in it.

ANYWAYS the season premier covered the story of a man who was reported to be missing by his ex-wife. Three years earlier, the two of them had lost their daughter in a kidnapping, and he couldn't get over it. Turns out he was involved in a support group for people with missing children, and was attempting to help another couple get over the disappearance of their son. Lots of interviewing ensues, and they discover that the daughter is alive and has been living with a former substitute teacher for the last three years (I honestly don't get how that kind of thing happens... She didn't say anything or call home? I don't get it...but these things actually do happen.)

Anyways, it was kind of an underwhelming premier. It wasn't that exciting of a story, but it ended well so I guess that's something. I DO have one beef with this show, though. They often seem to pursue finding people who have not been kidnapped or anything. I mean, of course they don't know that right away, but once they figure out that the person is running away/looking for someone, why keep spending time on them?

That was the case in this episode. The man was on a personal journey to get over the loss of his daughter and help another couple potentially find their son's body. After knowing that he was not in danger, why does the FBI insist on pursing it? I dunno, it's just odd.

What did you think of the premier? Do you like the whole Jack/Steven Weber storyline? Can anyone tell me how the heck Sam had a baby? lol.

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