Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chuck Versus the First Date: Episode 1

Sorry for the late blog, I'm a little behind. I even missed Heroes last night! :-o Sad day. That blog will come sometime tomorrow. Anyways, ONWARD.

I don't know about you guys, but I missed Chuck. I was a little worried after the writers strike that this show would be one of the casualties. But, lucky for us we get a whole new season of the Buy More and the ever-so-serious Agent Casey.

Now, last season ended with the creation of a new Intersect supercomputer, and Casey was instructed to "eliminate" Chuck. OH NOES! Also, we can't forget about the very elusive and mysterious Bryce Larkin (Yes, his name is awesome. I just want you all to know that his coolness is absolutely based on my life. It's a fact.... Dangit, gotta get over to wikipedia...). Bryce had gone into deep cover with the evil organization "Fulcrum" to try to dissolve it from the inside. That's going to come up later.

SO the season begins with poor Chuck dangling from a building with that dude that barfed flies from The Green Mile. Not a good place to be. He's got a keycard for the new Intersect, and fly-barfer wants it. Luckily, guess who shows up to save the day? SARAH AND CASEY! With the keycard in safe keeping, Chuck is informed that he's being let go, and Sarah tells him he's awesome and can do whatever he wants. But we like him at the Buy More... And little does he know that Casey (while not happy about it), is all set to take him out, cajun style. (ok, not really).

Ellie and Awesome couldn't be happier, but Morgan is shocked and disappointed because Chuck turns down the assistant manager position down. WHERE ARE YOU GOING CHUCK? YOU. CAN'T. LEAVE. We also discover that the Weinerlicious has had a bit of an upgrade, it's now a futuristic orange smoothy joint. I, as well as Chuck, voiced my opinion that I missed the "Bavarian charm" of the older place. Yes, I talk to my TV. I do have a life. Dangit. But hey, he finally gets a REAL DATE from Sarah, and she DOESN'T BRING HER GUN. This can't end well. Sarah should just attach her gun to her hand permanantly.

Things get broken up as they are surrounded at the restaurant, and the keycard is stolen. So much for freedom/death for Chuck... Unless they can get it back. And--to make a long story short, Morgan saves Chuck by talking over the speaker phone about Call of Duty, and Chuck recovers the keycard. I can't give away everything...

Chuck is going to be free/dead indeed. But wait! The keycard is really a virus from Fulcrum, and it blows up the new intersect! Which therefore means Chuck is not free, but that's good because now Casey doesn't have to kill him! Yay! Not that he would have anyway. We all know that Casey is just a big softie.

So we're off to new adventures with Chuck! And things are only going to get better! We've got guest stars galore coming, from Nicole Richie to BUSTER BLUTH (!!!!) to Cory Matthews... It's gonna be great! What did you think of the premier?

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