Monday, September 22, 2008

New Season, New Blog

Well, it is time for a new season of television to begin, and with it I will be blogging all of my favorite shows. There are a lot of them. You as a reader can expect to see good quotes, commentaries, and summaries on the following:

Mondays: Chuck, Heroes
Tuesdays: The Biggest Loser: Families (possibly), Without a Trace (occasionally)
Wednesdays: Knight Rider (possibly)
Thursdays: Survivor: Gabon, The Office, 30 Rock
Fridays: Day off please? kthx. There's like nothing on.
Saturdays: Big Ten Football, Saturday Night Live
Sundays: The Amazing Race 13

Unfortunately you won't be reading much about CW or ABC shows. I don't really watch those networks, and I only have so much time in a week, you know?

And so you know me before reading my commentaries--I love TV. I thoroughly enjoy all of these shows. BUT, I also thoroughly enjoy making fun of them. Especially Heroes. So I hope you enjoy my snarky comments and goofy summaries, and most of all I hope it's a fun read for you!

Please bear with the site for a bit while I get it set up. It's not really looking like I want it to yet.

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