Monday, December 22, 2008

technical difficulties

well, since blogspot is being DUMB, I'll have to finish this post later. for some reason, it won't let me post. what I wrote earlier.

It's back.

Whew... it's been a long time. A LONG time. But I'm done with school and very satisfied. But, let's not talk about school right now, or ever again.

Ok, seeing that I missed the rest of the year, I will be doing a quick run-down on the happenings of all of these shows. With the new year, some shows will be getting a new start, and others will be continuing on with their original storylines after all of the holiday specials have come and gone.

Chuck: We've met Mr. and Mrs. Awesome, Sarah's dad, Casey's former mentor, Chuck's backstabbing Fulcrum agent Ex-GF Jill, and yes, even Corey Matthews! Not to mention BUSTER BLUTH as a regular cast member. Which is fan-flippin'-tastic.

We've basically learned that Chuck is coming into his own as a spy, being much more confident and diplomatic in his approach to the job. Sarah is totally over her head with Chuck, and she's just recently turned into a bit of a murderer (!!!). And Casey does indeed have a soft spot...he just doesn't show it much. The season has been excellent so far, and will most likely continue. Chuck really is one of the best shows on TV right now, so KEEP WATCHING!

Monday, November 3, 2008


I'm sad to say that I can't keep this blog up to date right now. I'm finishing off my last semester in college (5 more weeks!), and I'm just way to busy to dedicate the appropriate amount of time to write. I'll blog occasionally, but not for every episode. Sorry!

I'll most likely be back in mid-december or January when my life slows down and is not full of papers and exams. ;o)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

What to Watch: Week of 10/26

Here's a guide of what to watch this week. 30 Rock returns Thursday! Let the hilarity begin...

Sun, 10/26:
The Amazing Race (CBS) 8:00PM
Mon, 10/27: Chuck (NBC) 8:00PM, Heroes (NBC) 9:00PM, The Big Bang Theory (CBS) 8:00PM
Tue, 10/28: The Biggest Loser (CBS) 8:00PM
Wed, 10/29: NOT Barak Obama's political message. Seriously--WE'VE HAD ENOUGH.
Thur, 10/30: Survivor: Gabon (CBS) 8:00PM, The Office (NBC) 9:00PM, 30 Rock (NBC) 9:30PM
Fri, 10/31: Take the night off--get out of the house. It's HALLOWEEN!
Sat, 11/1: Saturday Night Live - Ben Affleck/David Cook (NBC) 11:30PM

Blogs for last week's episodes of Heroes, Chuck, SNL, and Survivor will be up tomorrow. ;o)

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Amazing Race: "I wonder if they like blondes in New Zealand?" (Ep 4)

From La Paz, Bolivia to Aukland, New Zealand! Let's get straight to the teams:

1. Toni and Dallas: They work surprisingly well together, and I'm loving it!
2. Nick and Star: Not much from them this week other than a possibly injured arm. Surprising after the whole bra thing in the last episode.
3. Ken and Tina: I'm not sure the Fast Forward thing was really that beneficial for them; they were way ahead of the pack already!
4. Frats: Becoming less awful as the show progresses...and as the other teams get worse.
5. Divorcees: How they manage to eke it out week after week I have no idea. They're the villains of the season, for sure.
6. Aja and Ty: BORING, and unlikeable. I think Aja is on of the least interesting people they've ever cast on this show.
7. Terence and Sarah: I can't get over his hair, and her screaming. I hate these people.

Overall, I think the kiwi-squashing was indeed faster than the wind-car thing. It just took some commitment and effort. Of course, the wind-cars were probably more fun.

I was sad the blondes had to go. They were the comic relief of the season, and will be missed. If there is a non-elimination leg next week, I'm going to throw a fit, lol.

Who are you rooting for? The Amazing Race airs on CBS on Sunday nights at 8:00PM eastern time.

SNL: Josh Brolin

HOLY CRAP AMY POHLER IS PREGNANT! She's HUGE! It totally added to her sketches--especially the Palin rap. If you haven't seen it, you must be living under a rock.

Josh Brolin and Adele (who?) were pretty much just meh. It was all about guest stars for this episode. Not only did we get a couple of clips from Palin, but Alec Baldwin and Mark Wahlberg! Look out Andy Samberg, Max Payne is looking to CAUSE some pain--and talk to a donkey! Say hi to your mother for me, ok? LOL.

There were only a few sketches that really stood out as funny, aside from the politics. We were treated to another installment by Kristen Wiig as the woman who gets "so freakin' excited!" Lol, can't go wrong with her. And guest comentator Jean K. Jean on Weekend Update left me quite satisfied! In-cre-ab-le!

To check out more clips, go to!

What did you think of Palin's performance? Watch SNL on NBC, Saturday nights at 11:30PM eastern.

The Office: "Baby Shower" (Ep 3)

This episode was hit-or-miss. I personally prefer funny Jim/Pam over sappy Jim/Pam. Jan, however, totally delivered. Jan is on of the best characters on network TV comedy right now. I know that I'm in the minority, but her colossal downfall from corporate VP to abusive girlfriend/overprotective mother is fantastic. An of course she would name her baby Astrid, or "Assturd" as Michael calls her. ROFL.

Dwight: Jan had the baby, and Michael wasn't there to mark it. So the baby could be anybody's. Except Michael's.

Stanley: I do not like pregnant women in my workspace. They are always complaining. I have varicose veins, too. I have swollen ankles; I’m constantly hungry. You think my nipples don’t get sore too? You think I don’t need to know the fastest way to the hospital?

Angela: I hope you two are very happy together. Pervert.

Michael: She smells like, old tomatoes. And dirt.

Not a great quoteable episode...

What do you think of season 4's start? Too much sap between Jim and Pam? Watch the Office on Thursday night at 9:00PM on NBC.