Sunday, October 26, 2008

What to Watch: Week of 10/26

Here's a guide of what to watch this week. 30 Rock returns Thursday! Let the hilarity begin...

Sun, 10/26:
The Amazing Race (CBS) 8:00PM
Mon, 10/27: Chuck (NBC) 8:00PM, Heroes (NBC) 9:00PM, The Big Bang Theory (CBS) 8:00PM
Tue, 10/28: The Biggest Loser (CBS) 8:00PM
Wed, 10/29: NOT Barak Obama's political message. Seriously--WE'VE HAD ENOUGH.
Thur, 10/30: Survivor: Gabon (CBS) 8:00PM, The Office (NBC) 9:00PM, 30 Rock (NBC) 9:30PM
Fri, 10/31: Take the night off--get out of the house. It's HALLOWEEN!
Sat, 11/1: Saturday Night Live - Ben Affleck/David Cook (NBC) 11:30PM

Blogs for last week's episodes of Heroes, Chuck, SNL, and Survivor will be up tomorrow. ;o)

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