Monday, October 6, 2008

Chuck vs. the Seduction (Ep 2)

Chuck is not a happy camper. The Intersect was blown to bits, so now he's stuck playing spies while the CIA begins building a new one...again. As it turns out, the key card that Chuck recovered last week contained a virus planted by Fulcrum to destroy the computer. Sad day for the CIA.

There were three stories meshing together, all involving some sort of seduction. Well...2 out of the three. The first two were just minor sideplots. The first was Lester's new position as the assistant Manager at the Buy More, and his lack of control of the tech staff. Shocking that no one will listen... He's really not much different than Morgan. This was really just for comic relief, and didn't really relate to much.

The second plot involved Ellie and Awesome, who feel that the spark has disappeared a bit from their relationship. Which isn't good because they're supposed to get married at some point this season. Awesome goes to Chuck for advice, but of course Chuck is out on a mission, so he talks to Morgan...who has been obsessed with Ellie since he hit puberty. He know EVERYTHING about her. Uh, yeah right. This is Morgan we're talking about. Awesome ends up planning a date comprised of Klondike bars and Sister Act, and Ellie isn't thrilled. Yep, Awesome's not feelin' so awesome, and ends up on the couch.

The primary story of course revolved around Chuck and his on-again/off-again thing with Sarah. Women... geez, what can you do? Poor guy. Anyways, it turns out that there is another key card for the Intersect, and its keeper is a woman they call the "Black Widow" because she has a nasty habit of terminating any man she happens to... well, you know. So it's up to Chuck to seduce her and find the keycard. Chuck...seduce. Uh...this is gonna be good.

To help train Chuck in the art of seduction, they bring in guest star John Larroquette...who hasn't been in that much. He's a ledgendary former agent named Roan who has quite a way with women. Unfortunately he's drunk and passed out quite frequently. Sarah insists that Chuck is charming enough on his own, and doesn't need the help of a washed up joke of an agent. We all know she's just trying to cover the fact that she's got Chuckmania, if you know what I mean, lol.

Anyways, Chuck mixes the advice from both Sarah and Roan, and manages (of course) to get Sarah and Casey captured, while he escapes with the keycard...or Sipher, whatever they call it. He's got a choice--go after Casey (I don't think he's thinking about Casey much) and Sarah, or let them die and keep the sipher. Well, Chuck being the gentleman that he is puts together a plan and ends up saving both Sarah and Casey, all while keeping the sipher. Way to go Agent Chuck!

So he finally decides to go after sarah, and opens the door...


... AND OMG! Who is standing there???! BRYCE LARKIN?!?! Poor, poor Chuck. Bryce shows up to ruin his life once again. Tune in next week to see Chuck and Bryce fight over Sarah. I wonder how Casey feels...

Chuck airs on Monday nights before Heroes at 8:00pm eastern on NBC

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