Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Heroes: One of Us, One of Them (Ep 4)

So the love/hate continues...

It looks like we're going to be "treated" to YET ANOTHER previously dead person coming back to the show next week. COME ON. And Adam coming BACK?!! This is killing me. I can't get over how much I really DON'T like about this show, but somehow still manage to still want to watch it.

Someone needs to explain to me how this future peter/present peter relationship is working out. I thought that Peter had acquired Claire's ability, and therefore couldn't die. Ugh, I'm so confused. And WHY would he want Sylar's power if he can just naturally absorb other people's? Sylar has to chop heads to get powers, Peter just gets them.

In general, they HAVE to stop messing with time travel. They ALWAYS ruin everything. Just stay where you are, and everything will be peachy. GOSH. It almost seems like the show is more about time travel these days, and less about the abilities. I don't really know what to make of it, but time travel allows for some very significant holes in the plot.

Technically, can't they ALWAYS go back and change the past, so the future is different? So why do they even worry about the future? They're all so concerned with what happens later that they don't even realize that things can be changed (like Peter shot Nathan). Add to it that no one actually dies, and you have a pretty stress-free life as a hero.

Matt Parkman: Dumb and boring character. I'd be fine if he died and stayed dead. STAYED DEAD. And I don't really buy the pairing with Daphne. She looks like a teenager.

Maya: Looks like she's just the nagging girlfriend now. if she wasn't AWFUL enough.

Mohinder: look what you did, now you're frickin' VOLDEMORT. seriously--what the HECK was that?

Sylar: What the what? I don't know what to make of Sylar. Is he good, is he bad? PICK A SIDE DANGIT. I hope he kicks the crap out of peter at some point this season. And who, by chance, would be the father of his little boy 4 years from now? There's a step missing, because usually it takes more than 4 years for a complete psychopath to turn into a normal dude that someone would actually have a relationship with. Unless she's a psychopath.

I'm thinking there's a chance that it could be Claire, which is horrifyingly illegal.

Peter: He feels the need to "save the world" ALL THE TIME, but yet he's the one causing pretty much ALL of the problems. Out of all the characters, he's by far the dumbest. I do not like that he's the new Sylar either. ANGER!

Claire: I like evil Claire. It's much better than over-dramatic teenage claire. Now if she could just eliminate present Peter from the picture, the world would be a much better place. I know, it can't happen... Milo Venimiglia is the only reason women watch this show, lol. But if she turns out to be Sylar's baby mama, I think I might just explode.

Trikbarbsica: Yes...that is officially her name now. Did anyone else notice the villain dude with the glasses that died in the bank in that picture with her?! I can't same I'm shocked that she's ending up with Nathan...but I won't be surprised if they find out their related later on. DRAMA ENSUES!

Nathan: He had to go all Beautiful Mind on us now, huh? and WHAT HAPPENED to his wife and children? He seems completely unconcerned with them. I know he's divorced, but hello...CHILDREN.

Mama Patrelli: I like her, even though she's NUTS.

Please--PLEASE go away.

meh. I'd rather have more Elle/Veronica Mars than Daphne.

Hiro and Ando: They're SO annoying. Not endearing at all like he used to be. That will change I'm sure though. And digging up Adam? Yeah, not the smartest move. People on this show are always doing stupid things and asking ALL THE WRONG QUESTIONS. It makes me crazy. Seriously.

HRG aka Noah Bennet: anyone notice that Sylar named his kid Noah? I'm thinking HRG is dead in the future, and Sylar names his kid after his former partner. Sad day. I wouldnt' be surprised if he's killed by some dude that is angry at the company.

Adam Monroe: DEAD. DIE. please?
Linderman: see above
Whoever comes back next week: see above.

WHERE is veronica mars?

So as you can see--I get pretty passionate about heroes. Why is it that everything always happens the wrong way? Why are all fo these people so dumb?! It drives me to irrational levels of anger. I know it's just a tv show...right? Ugh.

What do you think of the future in Heroesville? It doesn't look too promising. Who do you think is returning next week? I personally think it's going to be Papa Patrelli, but I have no idea. Of course they HAVE to bring people back from the dead. What about Hiro's father, or Niki and D.L.? Heroes airs Monday nights on NBC at 9:00 Eastern Time.

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