Monday, October 13, 2008

Survivor: Gabon--"It was like Christmas morning!" (Ep 4)

Ken and GC suck. It's not that Jacquieieie added much to the game, it's more so that I can't stand to look at their faces anymore. I mean, it was definitely a good move for Ken to pick Kelly as he knew that she was unpopular and would probably jump to his side, but seriously. I hate Ken. Poor Ken, he's my object of completely irrational hatred this season. Last season was Jason Siska, but I'm sorry--that's completely justified.

Anyway, ON TO THE DRAMA. The tribal rankings were very interesting. I really wish we'd seen more of it. It would have been very interesting to see how the players reacted when their status was revealed. I really wish we'd seen it. Bob is going to come back and bite them in the butt. Ranked THIRD on Kota and picked almost last? Hm...that's not going to make him happy.

Jacquieie could have done a lot more to save herself. Turning on the waterworks only does so much, and it's certainly not going to be enough to change the minds of Ken and GC, who have literally no soul. She could have argued that Sugar could potentially have the idol, and that she was super tight with Ace--which she didn't do. She could have offered a spot or 2 in the Onion Alliance, which she didn't do. So meh, she wasn't going to win anyways.

1. Corinne: This girl is OWNING.
2. Randy: Great challenge performance, awesome commentary. Best casting job in a while.
3. Dan: Genuinely nice guy, but totally naive about this game. It should be interesting to see how he connects with his new tribe.
4. Marcus: Captain America at it again. He and Randy made a great team.
5. Bob: Looks like Bill Nye is underrated. I think that'll work for him.
6. Matty: Best of the Fang tribe now by far. He could be in trouble though, because his alliance is all on the other side.
7. Charlie: Supposedly a Survivor fan, but his only storyline is his crush on Marcus. GET IN THE GAME.
8. Sugar: She's cute and fun, but probably not long for the game. I can see her wasting the idol.
9. Susie: Hard worker, low key. She's going deep, lol.
10. Crystal: She was more fun early on, but then she alligned herself with those 2 pathetic excuses for human beings.
11. Kelly: She's a whiner, but I just find her humorous. It's like she thinks she deserves to be treated well by others. Pfft...
13. GC: He's just really immature. He would get along with Mookie from the Fiji season. I hated that season.
14. Ken: I can't even stand the sight of this dude. His adams apple in HD is going to give me nightmares, and when he talks, he sounds like one of those creepy kids from a horror movie. *Shudders* I just want him

What did you think of this latest episode? Did Fang make the right move booting Jacqueieie over Kelly? Survivor: Gabon airs Thursday nights at 8:00pm on CBS.

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