Monday, October 6, 2008

Heroes: One of Us, One of Them (Ep 3)

Well well well, we've got some interesting stuff going on in the Heroes universe. LOTS of stuff going down. First, some main points:

-Hiro is getting on my nerves. He IS very self-righteous, and has no reason to drag Ando around. And he's got a habit of having LAME storylines.
-I'm convinced that Claire's bio-mom is going to burn down the Bennett residence. I mean, come on. How can it not happen? She's very fiery, lol. And they've already burned their old house to a crisp...why not the new one?
-I'm sorry, but Tracy is on the wrong set. The Stepford Wives was a while ago.
-While they say that Sylar doesn't eat people's brains...I still think he does. All this talk about "the hunger," and "feeding." It's total Silence of the Lambs stuff. Creeps. Me. Out.
-As much as I hate Maya, I might hate Matt Parkman even more.
-No Veronica Mars? :o(

Tracy can now be her own character because we DID get to see a dead Niki/Jessica body in the casket. Poor Michah, losing both of his parents when everyone else in Heroesville gets to be resurected. Where's Mohinder with Claire's vial of blood this time? Anyway, she visits Micah and learns that she and Niki were born the same day in the same hospital, by the same Doctor. Apparently there are a lot of Niki/Jessica/Tracy's floating aroun dout there because Dr. Zimmerman answers the door and says "Barbara?" So there's a Barabara floating around out there...which IF they were all the same woman, would be named something like... hm... Trikbarbsica. Holy crap. Apparently Dr. Z "created" all these women, hence my reference to the Stepford Wives.

In teenage-land, Claire isn't peachy keen with being a victim all the time. She wants to learn how to fight so that she can take some revenge on Sylar. I wonder how she's going to react when she finds out daddy dearest is now partnered with the brain-eater. Cue the fire at the Bennett home please, lol. She's taken some top secret files (that of course, were left in plain site in the kitchen), and I think she's going to go try her hand at some hand-to-hand combat. This seems to fit with what we saw from her in episode one when she tried to shoot Future Peter.

Speaking of Future Peter, he's taken Present Peter--AGAIN. And this time I think Present Peter is going WITH Future Peter to the future. Tim Kring--YOU'RE KILLING ME. Haven't you seen Back to the Future? Once the future changes, Future Peter must start to fade, and then DISAPPEAR. Go rent it Tim Kring, it's a classic.

We're being faced with some interesting stuff, though. There's a classic good/evil battle going on inside many of the characters:
-Claire is struggling with her desire to use her powers for the good, but also wants to take revenge on those who have hurt her. As she is indestructable and no longer has the deterance of pain, she's really got nothing stopping her from becoming a power-crazy villain.
-Noah Bennett (aka HRG) is struggling like Claire with his desire to do good, but will stop at nothing to protect his family. He's being forced to work with Sylar, but still wants to take him out.
-Sylar is struggling with this "hunger," (again the brain-eating reference), to kill and acquire new abilities. But apparently deep down, and I think this has more to do with Mama Patrelli mind-control, he wants to do good. But let's face it, Sylar will always be a villain.
-Hiro is becoming increasingly arrogant and paranoid. His control of Ando (and Ando's resistance to that control) was forshadowed when Hiro visited the future and saw Future Ando kill Future Hiro with red lightning balls. Something tells me Hiro and Ando aren't going to remain BFF's for much longer.

What do you make of all of this symbolism? Anyone have any thoughts as to the plot of the new season? Heroes airs Monday nights on NBC at 9:00pm eastern time.

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