Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Heroes: "Angels and Monsters" (Ep 5)


Well, lets start with what we already knew:
-Something is up with Mohinder's mood swings
-Linderman isn't actually there in physical presence
-Tracy was one of three triplets--Niki (dead) and Barbara (we're yet to meet).
-Peter sucks
-Ando kills Hiro in the future

What we learned this episode:
-Mohinder is now Spiderman with a serious case of PMS. Well, more of a combination of Spiderman and those giant spiders from Eight-legged Freaks. Horrible movie.
-Papa Patrelli is not a good guy
-Linderman is actually an image being projected into the minds of Daphne, Nathan, and others by Matt Parkman's father.
-Peter sucks EVEN WORSE than we thought.
-Some of the heroes were born normal, but injected with powers. Nathan, Niki, Tracy, and some others.

Items of discussion:
-Why are Tracy's powers manifesting just now? Why not earlier? Does it have anything to do with Niki's death?
-We have never ONCE seen Angela Patrelli nervous or afraid. But man oh man, she was freaking out this time. That's not a good sign. And her dream? Disgusting.
-THE PUPPET MAN. :-O This man is the most terrifying thing they've ever had on the show. Holy crap, he gives me the hibblyjibblies. I hate puppets.
-There's no way that Ando is actually dead. But he definitely has a reason to kill Future-Hiro now. Seriously. Hiro, you are an idiot.
-Yay! Mohinder has (at least temporarily) sidelined Maya!!! All is right in Heroesville, lol.

Sorry for the weak blog for this episode. I'm a little behind, and playing catch-up.

I really do enjoy this show, but it does make me pretty angry. I don't like the direction that most of the characters are moving in, and they consistently make stupid/irrational decisions. It's like a soap opera.

What did you think of the episode? What are your predictions for the whole Papa Patrelli thing? What do you make of the 2 sides that are clearly forming? Heroes airs Monday nights @ 9:00PM on NBC.

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