Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Amazing Race: Episode 1

Well we're off around the world again for another race! This multiple-Emmy winning show is definitely worth watching, even if you're opposed to the whole reality-tv genre. Let's give this season's teams a quick rundown based on the first episode:

The Family Teams:
1. Nick and Starr: This is a brother sister/team that is inexperienced when it comes to travel. They latched onto Ken and Tina and are referring to them as "mom and dad." Hey, whatever works.
2. Toni and Dallas: A mother/son team that really gets along. Dallas is supportive of his mom, but she's going to have to pick up the pace as the race progresses. I like them a lot.

I'm always pulling for the family teams, because in 12 previous seasons, a brother/sister or parent/child team is yet to win.

The Dating/Fighting couples:
3. Ken and Tina: Your resident almost-divorced team for the season. Turns out, Ken cheated on her. *wags finger* She, however, is quite beastly. My favorite quote came from Tina when trying to flag down a taxi: "KENNY! USE YOUR WHISTLE!" lol.
4. Terence and Sarah: Sarah, apparently, is on the race to make friends, and Terence doesn't think that she should talk to anyone besides him. EVER. They're both unstable freaks and I hate them, lol.
5. Aja and Ty: This couple could potentially be very boring. We didn't get much from them this episode.
6. Anthony and Stephanie: SNORES. They barely said a word and finished near the end of the pack. LAME.
7. Arthur and Anita: OMG Rupert's parents! Has there ever been a more grotesque individual?! Ok, so they're not really his parents, but they look like they could be...with all that hair and the tiedye. Too old, too slow.

The Friends Teams:
8. Mark and Bill: These two comic nerds look extremely similar to the guys that do Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel. But they're fun and I think they'll do well.
9. Andrew and Dan: A couple of frat boys that are quite nerdy themselves. They just seem really immature like they're going to freak out about every little thing. Not my favorite early on...
10. Brooke and Marissa: They just HAVE to be blonde with names like that. They were really, really dull. Why is it a requirement that on this show all blondes must wear pink at all times?
11. Kelly and Christy: Yes, they decided to go under the title "Divorcees." Pretty much they probably just hate men in general. #10 and 11 are pretty much the same. Hot girls in their mid-20s.

The Race:
They raced from Los Angeles to Salvador, Brazil. They had to push a cart through the town and climb up stairs/down a 250-ft. rope ladder.

I kind of thought the end was predictable. No shocker that the oldies went first. But they didn't even really even try to create suspense. I like most of the teams, and I'm excited about the new sesason.

What are your thoughts? What teams do you like? Who do you want to win? I'm pulling for the fam teams. The Amazing Race airs Sunday nights at 8:00pm eastern time.

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