Monday, October 6, 2008

The Amazing Race: Do you like American Candy? (Ep 2)

Week two of the Amazing Race kept us in Brazil. I don’t usually like it as much when they keep them in the same county. Give us something different, eh? Here’s a quick team ranking:

1) Nick and Starr: Again, gotta root for the bro/sis team. They actually work quite well together. I’d like to see them win.
2) Toni and Dallas: They showed themselves to be nice people, but to Terence and Sarah? Please. BLEH. I wish they would have run them over with their taxi. Ugh.
3) Ken and Tina: They fight quite a bit…but it’s entertaining and they’re in it to win it.
4) The Nerds: I don’t have all the names down quite yet. Yay, they’re good with computers. Shocking. :-o
5) The Blondes: These girls are SO STUPID. They’ve got maybe one more leg, I’d say. They do provide quite a few laughs though. I think it's hilarious that they're trying to bribe people off with candy! The ticket counter dude looked pretty amused himself.
6) The Divorcees: They wasted SO much time looking for the container! Even digging in the sand?! Then they didn’t keep their taxi, which held them back even further… If they don’t start actually reading the clues, they are going to be out very quickly. Keep on diggin’ honey, there’s nothing down there, lol.
7) Aja and Ty: The only reason I remember these two is because they are from Michigan (WOOT). Other than that, they are the dullest team still in the race.
8) The Fratboys: Please, someone grow them a brain. They just don’t have it together.
9) Terence and Sarah: These two people are complete babies. There’s really no other way to describe them. In the first minute of the episode, Terence hit his head on the trunk of the taxi and immediately started throwing a fit. Sarah immediately starts cooing at him, dabbing up the “scrape,” and blowing on his forehead. “They didn’t even say ‘hi’ to us!” OH NO. THE WORLD IS OVER! Seriously, and his STUPID HAIR. Words cannot describe my dislike for these two people.

Teams had to either find a specific container at a shipyard (yes, the divorcees were combining the two Detour options, lol), or push a little boat 100 yards over sand using two logs to roll it to the shoreline. Only the Nerds chose the containers, and it kept them at the front of the pack. For the Road Block, teams had to discover the location of the next pit stop on a wall of Portuguese graffiti (which was super lame). The Nerds and Ken/Tina flew right through it coming in 1st and 2nd place. The whole challenge was just boring to watch, and many teams just cheated by hanging out and listening for other teams to get the answer right. Lets…not do that one again please.

And we said goodbye to…I can’t even remember their names!!! Oh, that's right. Anthony and Stephanie. There is no reason why these people should have been this far behind. They just didn’t have the motivation, I guess. They wanted to make money so they could start a family. Well, here’s an idea: GET A JOB. The race clearly wasn’t their thing.

During the race, we got to listen to them insult the taxi driver unintentionally, blather on about how awful living in Brazil must be, and go on and on about the money…these people have clearly never traveled anywhere, and they were not certainly not embracing the experience. The race is better off without them.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Who are you rooting for? The Amazing Race airs Sunday nights on CBS at 8:00pm eastern time.

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