Friday, October 24, 2008

Survivor: Gabon -- "This Camp is Cursed" (Ep 4)

Holy cow I am way behind! Life moves too fast, doesn't it? Let's get to it.

Adios muchacho! The game has no room for losers like GC. I was seriously hoping that he wouldn't show up for the immuntiy challenge for a number of reasons. First of all, it would have been hilarious if he was at least chased down by a monkey, but also, I would have just liked to see The Jeff rip into him for being such a lame-o. Jeff has not hidden his complete lack of respect for the Fang tribe--and I agree with him. They're awful.

The elephant sighting was one of the more majestic moments thay've had in the 16 previous seasons of the show. It's not often that the players get to take part in the nature of their surroundings, instead of struggling with just the harshness of the environment and battling it out with each other.

The complete disaster that is fang is holding the editors back from showing us anything that is happening at Kota. I guess their storyline will be coming later on in the season.

A quick breakdown:
1. Matty: Best guy on fang by a landslide. His enthusiasm for Gabon is endearing. I hope he sticks around for the long hull.
2. Crystal: Her reaction to GC was fantastic. I'd never fight with her.
3. Sugar: Drop Ace now! And she'd better use the idol before it does her in.
4. Kelly: Well, at least we know she can put together full sentences now.
5. Ace: His dumb fake accent is annoying, and wow--what a wuss.
6. Kenny: I hate his stupid face.

1. Randy: His commentary is priceless. Bravo to the casting department for giving us this guy.
2. Corinne: We'll have to wait and see how losing Jacquie affects her game.
3. Marcus: Captain America saves the day...again. Throwing two pieces of fruit at once won them the challenge. This is one smart dude...
4. Dan: He'd better watch his back. All this "axis of evil" stuff isn't coming across well.
5. Bob: Where is he?
6. Charlie: Not much to say... But why did Marcus bite him on the shoulder?
7. Susie: uh...hello?

Who's going home next? What do you think of this season of survivor? Survivor: Gabon airs at 8:00PM eastern on CBS Thursdays.

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