Saturday, September 27, 2008

SNL: Anna Faris

Tonight, Saturday night live was hosted by the absolutely fantastic Anna Faris. She doesn't always pick the best movies to be in, because she's very, very funny. My favorite performance of hers has to be The Hot Chick with Rob Schneider; it's a hilarious movie.

While I have been encouraged so far with the humor on SNL, I feel that they're underusing their hosts. The first episode with Michael Phelps was understandable--he's not an actor. A couple of the newer members have been taking on roles...and they just aren't that funny. There were a couple of sketches tonight that Anna would have portrayed better.

I unfortunately missed the beginning, so I have no thoughts on that. I jumped in on yet another painful CNN debate/political satire between John McCain and Barack Obama. Snores. You can only do the same gimmicks so many times. Move on please.

Keenan Thompson got quite a lot of screentime for this episode. I can't help thinking of D2: Mighty Ducks and his "knucklepuck" shot. Wow, those were the days. Tonight, he played a stained wedding dress salesman and a hitman/soft-hearted/Monday Night Football fan date for Anna Faris out on a boat. Yeah, he just memorized her facebook profile. Oh the changes that social networking has made to American Society...

But the most important part of the episode is the return of the recurring Deep House Dish sketch starring Keenan and Andy Samberg as the ever so trendy, techno-loving DJ Dynasty Handbag and his verbose buddy T-Shane. Unfortunately for T-shane, he discovered the hard way that smart cars don't have a back seat and was left with a lop-sided mowhawk. They moved right from that into Kristin Wig as some girl with an album called "Turn your stink out." This one wasn't so fantastic...they've had much better. Example:
deep house dish

Duffy was the musical guest, and she's just not my style. She has a very unique and interesting voice, which probably explains the success of her single, "Mercy." If you ask me, she over-did it a bit with the buttons. BUTTONS EVERYWHERE. And lots of snapping. Ok, next segment please!

Not much from Weekend Update, basically more political garbage. There were a couple of bright spots though:
1) A man in WV charged with assault for farting on an officer. WHAT?
2) PETA wants breast-milk icecream to save cows. Oh. My. Word. Yes, a collective eww is correct.

3) Kristin Wiig as the overly-nervous Judy Grimes: Travel writer. I wish I had counted how many times she said "just kidding" in this--it was amazing.

In closing, I don't know how I feel about the season yet. They've had some great hosts, and have some good ones coming up (Next week, Anne Hathaway). Kristin Wiig is BY FAR the strongest cast member, and I just hope they can get her enough good material. She carries the show. This is from last season with Christopher Walken:

AND, here's the real clincher. The Judy Grimes sketch:

Well, it's Anne Hathaway next week, with musical guest the Killers! sounds promising...

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